Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We said so long......

Well the time came and we said so long to our kids. It was with heavy hearts but with a great excitement that we sent them on their way. So far the trip they say has been great. And so fun for them. They are blogging so please go to their blog and follow their trip

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chris, the Graduate!

Very proud parents!

Can't believe it, he did it. AFHE always puts on a great graduation. It was a wonderful weekend. To all of you that were able to attend any of the festivities this weekend thank you for coming and especially for loving Chris and our family.

Proud grandparents!

All my babies, and my sweet son in law.

The story behind this picture is precious. When Lexi walked over to have her picture taken with Chris, Michael said it looked like she wanted to kiss him on the cheek. I asked her "did you want to kiss Chris on the cheek?" she said, yes, I said go ahead and kiss him on the cheek, she said. "Can I, really? I said yes, so you are witnessing their first kiss. Precious kids. I love that girl! What a blessing to have children with a respect for parents and for themselves to stay pure to the point of not even kissing on the cheek. Oh and by the way, I did speak with Lexi's mom the next day to make sure that I did not over step my bounds.

And a big thank you to the Dyksterhouse family for allowing us to have Chris's party at their home. You were gracious and helpful. Thank you it was a wonderful party. Even though we did not use the backyard you made it look so nice for us. Loved the huge Mafia game in the living room. Fabulous house and wonderful family.

My heart is hurting

To all my friends that look at this blog please be in prayer for our family over the next few weeks. As all of you know my daughter will be leaving on June23rd for a great adventure in Virginia Beach, VA. Her husband will be attending seminary there. I know that she is an adult and a married woman but that does not stop my heart and arms from aching for her. She is my baby. She will always be my baby. Their plan is to return to Phoenix when they are done in three years. But three years is a long time.

I know most of you have heard this but I truly covet your prayers at this time. Nicky is hurting and we are all starting to get emotional. Thanks for all the prayers that you will lift up on our behalf.