Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have never felt more beautiful in my life than when I was pregnant with our 5 children. (maybe not in this picture) I must tell you that I have never seen my daughter more beautiful than she is now. The excitement and the anticipation is getting ready to culminate in the birth of our grandson and the excitement really is building. The interesting part of all this is that Samantha has walked this path very recently with me. I must say how special that was for me. Being pregnant when your daughter is older is such a blessing. Sam was with us when Emma entered this world and I will never forget that moment. A mama's heart is a blessing and I am so excited to have been blessed so abundantly by these "little" people. How very proud we are to be the parents of some fine human beings.

As Samantha and BJ enter into this time in their life I would ask all that love them to pray for them and to pray for their little man child and that he will know the Lord early in life and will be a blessing to his parents just as his parents have been a blessing to us.

We love you Sam and BJ and baby grandson and can't wait to watch you all grow as a new little family.