Sunday, August 30, 2009


No words are needed!

Awww Grandpa

Mama, Grandma and Auntie Em at PF Changs. Check out the grandma t-shirt that Sam made for me.
Sissy and Em. Emma now has a name for her sister it is "Ssssssss". She walks around asking for "Sssssss" all the time or when she sees a picture of her.
The whole family together on Sunday night! (8/23/09) Took this with the timer, turned out pretty good.
Emma and "Ssssssss" Sister love is so sweet!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had a shower for Samantha and BJ this past weekend. They flew in and spent a whirl wind weekend with the families. It was so nice to see them. And we had so much fun. The highlight was the shower on Friday night. A dear friend of mine, really of our whole family, hosted the shower in her big, beautiful house. I was so glad that she did! We had over 130 people that came to shower Sam and BJ with love and gifts. What a blessing. We had lots of help. The neighbor made the cake on the cupcake tower and Tami, Tracey and I made the cupcakes and my neighbor, Miranda stepped in again and went over to Priscillas the day of the shower and iced the cupcakes for me so that I would not have to and could spend my time with Sam. What a true blessing..

Miranda, my neighbor, again used her talents and made this cute diaper cake. The only thing I did was find the stuffed animal and put the ribbon on the cake.
Ok so when I was at Michaels the two days before the shower I saw these letters and I decided that we need to make this little train with the baby's name on it. I know it is hard to make out but the name is Brayden. The two grandmas painted and put together this little train based on the letters that Bj and Sam did for the baby's room. (see bj and sams blog)
And then there is our beautiful daughter. Isn't she lovely.
The whole family. The Dunham's and the Hendricks at Chris's birthday party (did I say that Chris turned 20 on Saturday, wow busy weekend)

Oh and a big shout out to Priscilla who not only opened her home but also made all the food for the 130+ people. And she made a full meal! We are so grateful!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is mama two days before laying on the cool tile.

All six of them. I know you can only see a little of the sixth but they are all there.

the new Daddy!


For those of you that are very good at this background thing. Could someone help me figure out how to take the background color away? I don't need the pink bar on the layout and can't figure out how to make it go away. Ok you techies out there help me.