Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have never felt more beautiful in my life than when I was pregnant with our 5 children. (maybe not in this picture) I must tell you that I have never seen my daughter more beautiful than she is now. The excitement and the anticipation is getting ready to culminate in the birth of our grandson and the excitement really is building. The interesting part of all this is that Samantha has walked this path very recently with me. I must say how special that was for me. Being pregnant when your daughter is older is such a blessing. Sam was with us when Emma entered this world and I will never forget that moment. A mama's heart is a blessing and I am so excited to have been blessed so abundantly by these "little" people. How very proud we are to be the parents of some fine human beings.

As Samantha and BJ enter into this time in their life I would ask all that love them to pray for them and to pray for their little man child and that he will know the Lord early in life and will be a blessing to his parents just as his parents have been a blessing to us.

We love you Sam and BJ and baby grandson and can't wait to watch you all grow as a new little family.

Monday, September 28, 2009

fall wardrobe and clips

This post is really for my friend EB who makes the most adorable hairclips. She crochets them and makes them out of ribbon. check out her blog. You can get to it from mine it is the Irving Family. Leave her a comment and let her know you would love to see some of her clips. Oh and she makes some of the cutest little tutus you have ever seen. Think Emma is going to need one of those as well. Thanks EB. EB think I am going to need ten of them and would love some ribbon ones as well. I love the halloween one and would love to get that soon for Disneyland!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


No words are needed!

Awww Grandpa

Mama, Grandma and Auntie Em at PF Changs. Check out the grandma t-shirt that Sam made for me.
Sissy and Em. Emma now has a name for her sister it is "Ssssssss". She walks around asking for "Sssssss" all the time or when she sees a picture of her.
The whole family together on Sunday night! (8/23/09) Took this with the timer, turned out pretty good.
Emma and "Ssssssss" Sister love is so sweet!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had a shower for Samantha and BJ this past weekend. They flew in and spent a whirl wind weekend with the families. It was so nice to see them. And we had so much fun. The highlight was the shower on Friday night. A dear friend of mine, really of our whole family, hosted the shower in her big, beautiful house. I was so glad that she did! We had over 130 people that came to shower Sam and BJ with love and gifts. What a blessing. We had lots of help. The neighbor made the cake on the cupcake tower and Tami, Tracey and I made the cupcakes and my neighbor, Miranda stepped in again and went over to Priscillas the day of the shower and iced the cupcakes for me so that I would not have to and could spend my time with Sam. What a true blessing..

Miranda, my neighbor, again used her talents and made this cute diaper cake. The only thing I did was find the stuffed animal and put the ribbon on the cake.
Ok so when I was at Michaels the two days before the shower I saw these letters and I decided that we need to make this little train with the baby's name on it. I know it is hard to make out but the name is Brayden. The two grandmas painted and put together this little train based on the letters that Bj and Sam did for the baby's room. (see bj and sams blog)
And then there is our beautiful daughter. Isn't she lovely.
The whole family. The Dunham's and the Hendricks at Chris's birthday party (did I say that Chris turned 20 on Saturday, wow busy weekend)

Oh and a big shout out to Priscilla who not only opened her home but also made all the food for the 130+ people. And she made a full meal! We are so grateful!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is mama two days before laying on the cool tile.

All six of them. I know you can only see a little of the sixth but they are all there.

the new Daddy!


For those of you that are very good at this background thing. Could someone help me figure out how to take the background color away? I don't need the pink bar on the layout and can't figure out how to make it go away. Ok you techies out there help me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Isn't she beautiful!

Here is my sweet daughter 3 weeks ago just before she left for the airport. She is 17 weeks pregnant here. She is so lovely. We can't wait to hold this little sweet baby in our arms just like we did with Sam when she was born.
Look who loves her big sister! Emma loves her sister and as you can see, Nicky is trying to get in on some of this action. They both love her so much and Sam feels the same way. I know that I have had said this before but we can't wait for her to get home. Three more years! (and we want BJ home as well)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love this jewelry

ok I could not figure out how to get the pic to rotate after uploading to blog but you can see it is a necklace. Lisa Leonard is the jewelry designer and I love her work. Check out her blog and store you will love her designs too! Thanks Kristin for the tip.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


ok the above picture is a photo of our new grandbaby but I am purposefully not putting a picture that could somehow pinpoint the sex because that is not my place but for now just a pic of some stuff ( don't try to make it out because even I can't) haha but I can tell you that "it" was moving all around. So fun to see a glimpse into the womb of your daughter. She is going to be a great mom. She is already sacrificing of herself, no diet coke until that baby comes out. And if you know Sam that is difficult. What a blessing it has been to have her here. She truly is a light in my world and I can't wait for them to get done in VA so we can have them home.

Be looking for some updates soon!

Graduation Day

It was a great night. Great friends.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduation Day

I really can't believe the day has come that our third born is graduating from high school. Michael is a smart, sassy young man who I believe will go far in this world. He has found a love of computers. He loves building computers and taking them apart and putting them back together. We are very proud of him. He has finished a full year of college in addition to graduating fro high school. You make us proud son! I will update with graduation pictures. And just a p.s. he got his haircut last week. WOW that was an accomplishment!

Michael has an amazing relationship with his little sister. He is so tender with her. He is an amazing big brother to her.

if you know Michael you know that he hates to have his picture taken but here are just a couple of him. We love you son and are so proud of you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Emma sucked on an Easter egg and she got blue dye all over her face! What fun!
Emma loved climbing up and down the ladder in my in-laws library. She is fearless.

Easter egg hunt. She loved picking up eggs if they were on the chairs but when they were under bushes we would pull them out for her and she would put them back. She is a crack up!
A beautiful view from my in-laws backyard. They scored on this view and this house in Scottsdale.
My boys crack me up. The family was missing an important person. Our Sami Kay and BJ. We miss them so much. But we carry on. We know they will be home soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WOW Can you believe it!

Well the time has come. Can't believe it. I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER! Enough said

Monday, April 6, 2009

Still waiting

Well we are still waiting over here. Need to have a few more tests and then schedule surgery. Husband and son are going to opening day for the Diamondbacks. They are going to ride the light rail for the first time. Should be fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate that word!

Well some of you know that I have in the past had thyroid cancer. I had my thyroid removed in 2000 when Nicky was 14 months old. I had radiation with radioactive iodine and had to go hypothyroid to do the radiation. I hate surgery I hate needle etc. but I will say i hated going hypothyroid the worst. You have not metabolism. You gain 10-15 lbs a week without even doing anything differently. And if you know me I can't afford that kind of weight gain now weight loss like that is a different story. Well all has gone along just fine and I got over all that and have done great. In 2005, before I found out I was pregnant with Emma Grace they found some nodules in my thyroid bed area on a routine ultrasound. We had to wait to do anything at that time and my blood work was normal so we waited. I had Emma and was breastfeeding so in no hurry to do anything so we kept doing ultrasounds and the "nodules" or lymph nodes were stable and not changing. So in the last year my cancer marker that appears in my blood started to go up. Could be thyroid cells or cancer cells but nodules still stable. In december of 2008 new ultrasound shows more "nodules" or lymph nodes and the cancer marker still going up. So we decide to do an ultrasound guided biopsy. So yesterday I check into the hospital at work at, Good Samaritan, and go through this procedure. Which is not fun. They do an ultrasound and then numb the area of the neck and a radiologist then proceeds to stick a needle in my neck through the muscle towards my carotid artery (the "nodule" is up against the carotid artery) yippee! He had to do it twice to make sure we had enough cells. I hate being a patient but it sure makes you understand how to treat your patients. The person that was there to pick up the cells stood next to me and the US technician too. I reached to hold someones hand and the lady there to pick up cells grabbed my hand and she let me squeeze. They all knew that I worked at the hospital and they knew that I wanted to know the results as soon as possible. They had to have the pathologist come down to make sure that there were enough cells on the slides. He came down looked at the slides through the microscope and then proceeded to enter my examination room, where I was still positioned and ready for another possible poke if they did not have enough. All the same people standing around me. He came in and introduced himself and (he was aware i was anxious to know the results and that I worked at the hospital) he told me he had looked at the cells and they were positive for pappilary carcinoma. Everyone in the room was stunned that he told me. That is usually not the job of the pathologist. It was as surreal a moment as it was when i found out before. That time I was putting the baby in the car frys! I started to cry and he put his arm on me and said are you ok? I said yes I am. Just could not stop crying, thinking it is one thing but hearing it is another.

So here is where we sit. Consulting with my surgeon and going to pick out my anesthesologist (such a control freak) when you are nurse you know who to ask. We have some great anesthesologists in labor and delivery. And we wait to have surgery.

If you think of us would you pray for us. Our children have been through this already, nicky and emma grace obviously have not. And Sam is so far away and it is hard for her and me as well. I think one of the good things that will come from this is that I will get to see her, we will fly her out at the appropriate time.

Sorry no pictures. I did not think you would want a picture of my bruised neck!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Well my husband was working today so Emma and I took our picture to say Happy Valentines Day!

Emma loves her babies.
She has a piece of my heart! As do all of my kids.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How Blessed I Am!

Almost 22 years ago, actually exactly 22 years this coming Monday, God gave me my first of 5 precious gifts. Samantha Kay Dunham came in to my life on a Monday, February 9, 1987. She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs. 7 oz. 19 1/2 inches long at 6:22 pm. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. And continues to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on. She has grown into a wonderful young woman and I am so very proud of her. She never ceases to amaze me. She is truly beautiful inside and out. I am so glad that God brought her into our lives. I wish I had a baby picture to show you but I don't because I am on Sam's computer in Virginia Beach, VA . God called her and her husband, BJ to VA for a short while for him to complete seminary. I miss her terribly. Not just me our whole family and that includes our church family as well.

God has done a wonderful work in her life and I know that He will continue to do so as I watch her grow into a beautiful wife and I am sure someday a beautiful mother. I just know that right now she is a most beautiful daughter and I weep because I just feel so blessed.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Disney!

One of the things that Kevin and I learned about Disneyland this trip has given me an insight into why we enjoy our time there and go so often. The whole reason that Walt Disney built this place is because he realized while sitting on a park bench watching his girls play, that there was no good place for children and parents to play together. So Disneyland was born! We were unfortunately not able to enjoy this little treasure with our older kids while they were young. We have enjoyed our time there with them this past year. But we are getting to enjoy this place with our two little ones now and we are treasuring every moment because we know all to well how quickly this time will pass We love California Adventure and this is a picture of everyones (except mine) favorite ride. California Screamin. scarrrry!
Doesn't she look like a little diva sitting on Minnies couch

This is now my favorite ride. Here is a picture of Pastor Josh, Benjamin, Nicky, Josiah, Elijah and Tracey going down. I just love this ride. And to think I was afraid of it. My next favorite right now is Big Thunder Mountain!

Ok for those of you who do not know, this is our senior pastor, Joshua Matteson. They truly are dear friends. They got to come over for the day and we had a great time. But I will let you in on a little secret. Pastor Josh worked at Disneyworld for a few years. He played characters. Most notably, are you ready for this, Peter Pan. WOW. I just wanted to walk around and tell everyone that he use to play Peter Pan. He played many other characters as well. Chip or Dale, can' remember which one. A coachman for my fav, Cinderella. There were many more but I can't remember them all. Oh I remember one, Pluto. How lucky are we!

He is an angry man. He kept growling at me and staring right at me. Yikes. Nicky and all three Matteson boys were picked to be in the Jedi show. How fun is that!

While waiting for Kevin and Nicky to get off my fav ride, Big Thunder Mountain, look who walks by but Pocahontas.

Tinkerbell herself! The Tinkerbell movie has become a family favorite. My husband is probably the biggest fan of it, not sure if it is for the message of the movie or how stunning it is in BluRay on the TV.
Emma was very unsure about characters this time around so no real good pictures of her with Tink but Nicky was quick to jump in an take a picture. Wonder why!

And then the big cheese himself. What a fun time.