Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Excited to say the least!

Well the eve of our families return. WOW time has flown since we found out they would be coming home to stay not just for a visit. So many things have happened. The biggest of them all is that they are coming home as three. An incredible little gift was given to Sam and BJ and to our whole family, little baby Brayden. Or as Emma puts it Bray Bray. We are so excited to all be together again. The big boys are getting excited. Emma is saying Sissy everytime the doorbell rings and well we are all just getting generally excited. Anyone that knows me knows to the hour when Sam and Brayden will arrive. The girls at the hospital have heard it and heard it for months. I thank you for listening.

This mama's heart is bursting. To say that the last two years have been hard would be an understatement. Every time she came home I started to get sad because I knew she had to go back to Virginia. I can't even express how I felt the first time I left Norfolk Airport and as that plane lifted off the ground how my heart literally ached knowing I was leaving my first born there. I can't tell you how much that child means to me. I wish I could put it into words. I just can't. From the moment I locked eyes with that beautiful baby I knew she would have my heart forever. And she does. I am a very proud mother. If you know me you already know that about me. I am proud of all my kids. Every accomplishment, every step, every word that comes not so easy, I am proud. And I continue to be proud of Sam and for that matter BJ for what they did exactly two years ago tomorrow (yep two years from the date they left she is coming home) they packed up that old red truck and drove across the country on an adventure to start their new life in a far far away land (well it might as well be). They have grown up. They have made their parents proud and now we get to welcome them home. Not only their families but their church family as well.

Along the way they have touched other peoples lives. People in Virginia have loved our kids and have welcomed them. I am sad for those that will miss them in Virginia. I truly am. I say to you that Southwest has some great deals to Phoenix and you are welcome here anytime.

While Sam and Brayden get to fly home in comfort, BJ and his brother Bryan will be driving straight through from Virginia to Phoenix in that old red truck and a trailer on the back. Not only that. When Sam gets here, the next day our whole family will be driving to Oregon, to the beach house we always rent spending about two weeks there. WOW what a great gift to our family. We also have BJ's family coming to the beach as well for a few days to spend some time with our returning loves. Great grandparents that have never met Brayden.

Well that is my final post before I post with great pics from their joyous homecoming. Thanks for following our not so perfect countdown!


The Montoyas said...

Yahoo! So excited for you all! And WAY jealous of your 2 week beach house vacation! Can me and Mia come?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

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